Ph.D. Students

2012 Elizabeth Hartung, Ph.D. thesis: “The Clar Structure of Fullerenes”
          Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
2009 Christina Graves, Ph.D. thesis: “On the Structure of Reliability Polynomials”
          University of Texas at Tyler
1990 Vincent Fatica, Ph.D. thesis: “On edge-critical graphs and the notion of vertex independence in graphs”.
          Syracuse University
1988 Amir Foroudi, Ph.D. thesis: “Mixed Integer Flow Problems”.
1988 Shakar Rajagopalan, Ph.D. thesis: “Two Commodity Flow Problems”.
1987 Brigitte Servatius, Ph.D. thesis: “Planar Rigidity”
          Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1986 Stephen Brown, Ed. D. thesis: “The Effectiveness of a Basic Algebra Course at Syracuse University”.
1975: Charles Leska, Ph.D. thesis: “Applications of Integer Programming in Combinatorics”.
1971: Neal Sider, Ph.D. thesis: “Partial Colorings and Limiting Chromatic Numbers”.